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Call for Papers: Irish Law Quarterly

UCCFrom my former colleague, Prof. Steve Hedley, Dean of Law in UCC, comes the news of a new online peer-reviewed Irish law journal entitled Irish Law Quarterly.

The first issue of the ILQ will be published in January 2010 and the editors are now seeking submissions. Details for prospective contributors can be found here.

We wish UCC the best with this endeavour. Personally I have some reservations about exclusively online journals apart from those that are ‘run ons’ from paper journals (e.g. Harvard International Law Journal Online) and  those that are extremely well established (e.g. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues). However, the ILQ seems to be set up in a manner that sidesteps many of the problems that often arise. First of all it is peer reviewed, secondly the editorial team is an impressive collection of well-known names in Irish legal scholarship, thirdly there is an IT specialist on the production editorial team (Pat Rice), and fourthly the ILQ is supported by the National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL).

With all of the odds stacked in favour of the ILQ, and plenty of space within the Irish legal academy for more peer-reviewed publication outlets, we wish the editors the very best of success.

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