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Call for Papers: Regulatory Governance (ECPR)

ecpr_120Please find below a Call for Papers for the Biennial Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance. Readers will note that a stream in rights and regulation is suggested. Issues relating to human rights can, of course, also arise in the other streams. In my view the theme on the causes and responses to crises seems to offer a particularly rich opportunity here.

The fields of rights and regulation have been too separate for too long ucd-crestresearch(although this special issue of Law and Policy co-edited by my colleague Prof Colin Scott goes some way to trying to remedy that situation) and this conference, which will be held in UCD, offers an opportunity for Irish scholars and those based here to get to the heart of unifying these disciplines or at least theorising whether such unification is possible. The call for papers follows after the jump.

Call for Panels and Papers

Third Biennial Conference of the European Consortium on Political Research Standing Group on Regulatory Governance

University College Dublin, 17-19 June 2010

Regulation in an Age of Crisis

Perceptions of crisis in finance, corporate governance, climate, equality, security and other areas simultaneously invoke blame and heightened expectations for the activities of regulatory regimes. In this conference we welcome panels and papers addressing the following indicative themes and other themes relating to regulatory governance:

Regulatory politics

The dynamics of regulatory governance

The causes of and responses to crises

State and non-state regulatory capacity

Issues of transnational and supranational regulation

Regulation after the financial crisis

Regulating for sustainability

Re-thinking environmental regulation

Rights and regulation

Regulation and the global South

New methods in regulatory research

Joined-up regulation and the consolidation of regulatory regimes

State aid as a response to crisis

Competition policy and regulation after crisis

Regulatory coordination

Multi-level regulation

Assessing regulatory impact

Regulatory institutional architectures

European networks of regulation

Accountability and regulation

Fragmentation in financial regulation

Fiscal governance

Juridification of Regulatory Regimes

Regulating NGOs

Teaching Regulation and Governance

Proposals for Panels (of between 3 and 5 papers) or papers should include titles, abstract(s) (300 words), name(s) and email address(es) and be submitted to the chair of the local organising committee colin.scott@ucd.ie no later than 15 January 2010. If submitting a paper please indicate preferred theme(s) and/or up to 6 keywords. The organisers hope to be able to offer a number bursaries to support the participation of PhD students and academics from emerging economy countries The programme will be available from the end of February 2010, with details of booking, registration costs, bursaries and accommodation published at that time..

The Biennial Conference of the European Consortium on Political Research Standing Group on Regulatory Governance is the leading interdisciplinary conference on regulation held in Europe and regularly attracts papers from all over the globe and from disciplines including political science, law, accounting, business, sociology, economics, international relations, anthropology, public administration and other cognate disciplines. The Majone Prize will once again be presented to the best paper at the conference by an early career researcher.

This conference will be held at University College Dublin and is hosted by the UCD School of Law, UCD School of Politics and International Relations, UCD School of Business, UCD Global Finance Academy, The Institute of Public Administration and Trinity College Dublin. An international Academic Steering Committee is working with the local organising committee on the programming for the conference.

Dublin is an exciting venue for this conference. As a small open economy Ireland has been at the forefront of regulatory innovation across a range of domains, including financial and environmental. Ireland is a small but significant player in European and World affairs and political and economic commentators take a close interest in its contribution and response to current economic difficulties. In addition to being a major centre for financial services, Dublin has three universities ranked in the THES global top 300 and is a very popular destination both for conferences and tourism because of its strong air transport links, mix of heritage sites and modern infrastructure and facilities.

Further details will be available shortly at the conference website: http://regulation.upf.edu/index.php?id=conferences_projects

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