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Blog Carnival – Expressions of Interest Sought

I would like to invite academic and NGO bloggers (we are interpreting the term broadly to include contributors to group blogs and occasional bloggers) who write about immigration issues to participate in our (hopefully) first blog carnival, entitled ‘Immigration and the Politics of Belonging in Ireland’. A blog carnival is a ‘blog event’: an edited collection of blog posts on a set theme, curated and organised by a host. Academics might think of it as a ‘mini symposium’ for bloggers. I would hope to curate a selection of 7-10 individual posts (more if I get a good response) as part of the carnival, together with an introductory ‘analysis piece’, drawing the contributions together. The posts would also be ‘cross-posted’ to the contributors’ own blogs. We hope that the carnival will provide an opportunity to promote writing on migrant integration and intercultural dialogue in Ireland, to assemble a number of insightful pieces in one place and to build an informal network of interested parties with a view to further collaboration. More details  overleaf.

We hope to host the carnival on Monday November 16. Contributions from postgraduate and early career academics are especially welcome, as is work with a comparative and/or interdisciplinary edge. We are interested in pieces which highlight the relationship between immigration law and policy and discourses of ‘belonging’: discourses which suggest that immigrants must engage in certain behaviours or projects to ‘earn a place’ in Ireland, or that their ‘place’ might be jeopardised by membership of certain groups, adherence to certain religious or cultural practices, failure to meet a certain level of economic productivity, entering the ‘wrong’ marriage etc. Pieces which deal, at least in part, with issues which have arisen in the past 3 to 6 months are most welcome, and comprehensive posts which situate those developments in the broader context of Irish immigration law and policy are even better. You are also encouraged to make reference to your own published work and to relevant policy reports. The idea, however, is that the pieces are short and ‘light’ enough to appeal to a general, if well informed, audience: more ‘op-ed’ than ‘position paper’.

Some of the topics we are most interested in hearing about include:

  • Analysis of the main political parties’ immigration policies and of their contributions to emerging discourses of migrant belonging and exclusion.
  • Migrant integration and the child – we are especially interested in pieces on migrant children and the education system.
  • Immigration and the family – we are especially interested in pieces on family reunification, restrictions on the right to marry and the aftermath of the citizenship referendum.
  • Religion and the immigration regime.
  • Gender, culture and migration – pieces on human trafficking, migrant motherhood and government policy in respect of female genital mutilation are especially welcome.
  • Analysis pieces which highlight the connections between separate parts of the immigration regime and their impact on ‘belonging’
  • ‘Think pieces’ highlighting the integration implications of recent Irish and European case law.
  • Migrant labour and the situation of undocumented workers.
  • Undercurrents of ‘belonging’ in the citizenship regime.

If you would like to contribute a post of 500-1000 words (no footnotes, but please use hyperlinks to websites and online documents where appropriate) to the carnival, please email me at maireadenright@gmail.com with a brief expression of interest by next Wednesday October 19, 2009. Please include one or two sentences indicating the ground that you would hope to cover in your post.

Please feel free to forward this email to others who you feel might be interested in participating.


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