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Campaigning on Budget 2010

A number of campaigns have been launched against cuts to essential services for the poor in the next budget. A National Day of Action to protest pay and spending cuts took place on November 6.

Details of Barnardo’s Child Poverty Campaign, which opposes cuts to social welfare, education and health in Budget 2010 are here.

A number of leading charities, civil society organisations and trade unions are campaigning under the banner ‘The Poor Can’t Pay’ against prospective cuts to the minimum wage, social welfare and the Christmas payment here and here. Some informative briefing documents are available at the Poor Can’t Pay site here , at the website of the Community Workers’ Co-operative Site here and at the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed site here.

This looks to be a ‘make or break’ budget for Ireland’s poor. Aoife has blogged about the ESR ramifications of the Budget here. Liam will be live-blogging the fallout of Budget 2010 and hosting a Blog Carnival here at HRinI. Contributions to the blog carnival are invited here.

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