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JM Kelly Memorial Lecture: Friday 20 November 2009

This Friday evening the UCD School of Law will hold its 13th annual JM Kelly Memorial Lecture, this year delivered by Lord Brian Kerr: Justice of the UK Supreme Court and formerly Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland. The title of the lecture is The Conversation between the European Court of Human Rights and National Courts: Dialogue or Dictation. Lord Kerr has indicated that the lecture will focus on some recent and controversial decisions of the superior courts of the United Kingdom in order to explore the tensions between national courts and the ECtHR.

The lecture will take place in the Clinton Auditorium, UCD at 6.00 pm on Friday evening (20 November 2009) and all are welcome.

The JM Kelly Memorial Lecture commemorates and honours the late John Maurice Kelly, Professor of Roman Law and Jurisprudence in UCD who contributed so much to the development of the School of Law and to legal scholarship in Ireland and further a field. This lecture series also serves as a memorial to John Maurice Kelly’s distinguished contribution, which he made as a jurist, parliamentarian and public servant to the legal, academic and political culture of the Irish State. Everyone educated in law in this jurisdiction has learned from his magnificent The Irish Constitution (now in its 4th edition and edited by Gerard Hogan and Gerry Whyte) and A Short History of Western Legal Theory, both of which continue to be leading texts in their fields.

You can find out about the illustrious JM Kelly lecturers whose ranks Lord Kerr will join on Friday evening here.

Please note: I originally posted this as starting at 6.45pm. It will, in fact, commence at 6 o’clock.

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