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20,000 Reads – Help HRinI to Grow

Today, Human Rights in Ireland passed the 20,000 reads mark, and we now have regular readers from all over the world. Very advanced for a four month old! We want to thank all our readers for motivating us to provide frequent and up to date commentary and we are delighted with the positive feedback that we have received so far.

It is a busy time for rights issues in Ireland and internationally, and every day we come across dozens of news stories and policy documents that we would love to share with you. The blog is growing so quickly because people, particularly in Ireland, are really interested in learning about the rights perspective on current affairs. But often we don’t have the time or expertise to cover all of these issues in as much detail as we would like and so some important developments inevitably fall by the wayside or aren’t given the coverage they deserve. So, we want to extend again an open invitation to our readers to help us out in the following ways:

If you are a specialist in a particular area of human rights law or human rights policy and would like contribute a guest post (500 – 1000 words) on a matter of current interest, you are more than welcome to email fiona.delondras[at]ucd.ie with your suggestion at any time. If we like the sound of the topic -and we usually do- you will have a guest post on HRinI in no time at all. PhD candidates and NGOs are especially welcome to co-operate with us in publicising their research. We can now promise a wide and informed audience and guest blogging with us is a great way to ‘have your say’ without taking on the responsibility of setting up your own blog. It goes without saying that experts from disciplines other than law are welcome to join in.

If you are running a conference or event of relevance to our readers, let us know by emailing any of the regular contributors – our emails are at the end of a Google search. We also welcome reports on relevant conferences and events.

If you are a blogging buff and you can think of something that we ought to be doing to make HRinI even better, let us know.

We are keen to highlight new scholarship by Irish (having worked or studied at a university on this island counts – and if you want to propose a broader definition for us to work with, you are welcome to do so) academics on human rights issues, as well as scholarship about human rights issues affecting Ireland. If you have published (SSRN counts) something new that fits this description, or have come across such a piece in your reading, let us know.

We welcome suggestions for blog events. Our recent immigration blog carnival was a great success, and we are very interested in collaborating with guest bloggers who have exciting ideas for new events.

Thanks again for your support, and here’s to 20,000 more reads.

The HRinI team

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