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HRiI Live Blog of Budget 2010

HRiI’s  live blogging of Budget 2010 is now finished.

You can see all the main points and areas of discussion with the instant replay of the live blog by Clicking Here .

The Minister’s budget speech is available here.

The estimates book is available here.

Key Points

Social Welfare

  • Across the board 4.5% cut in welfare payments (except the Old Age Pension);
  • Young unemployed affected by welfare cuts;
  • Child benefit cut by €16 per month

Human Rights and Equality infrastructure

  • No cuts or increases in the budget for the IHRC, Equality Authority or the Office of the Children’s Ombudsman;
  • 8% cut in budget of Equality Tribunal;
  • Massive cuts in equality monitoring (51%);
  • Gender mainstream and women equality programmes- up 22%

Legal Services & Immigration

  • Asylum seekers: cut in legal aid grant, cut to European refugee fund; 9% cut in asylum seeker accommodation (while numbers in asylum accommodation rise, numbers applying for asylum are falling)
  • Irish Immigration and Nationality Service (www.inis.gov.ie), budget reduced by 24%;
  • 5% cut in Legal Aid Board’s Budget;
  • 15% cut in criminal legal aid scheme;

Join HRiI tomorrow, International Human Rights Day 2009, for expert analysis of Budget 2010 from a human rights perspective.

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