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2009 Dublin University Law Journal

The new DULJ is out and features a number of contributions touching on human rights including three by members of HRinI:

  • The Constitution, Property Rights and Proportionality: A Reappraisal (Rachael Walsh) p.1
  • Is Silence Golden? The Legislative and Judicial Treatment of Pre-Trial Silence in Ireland (Yvonne Daly) p.35
  • Access to Justice and Costs in Environmental Judicial Review (Phyllis Comerford) p.66
  • Domination and the Hijab in Irish Schools (Tom Hickey) p.127
  • Restrictions on Religious Dress in French Republican Thought: Returning the Secularist Justification to a Rights-based Rationale (Eoin Daly) p.154
  • Legal Positivism, Natural Law and the Constitution (Oran Doyle) p.206
  • Strengthening Irish Democracy: A Proposal to Restore Free Speech to Article 40.6.1(i) of the Constitution (Tom Daly) p.228
  • Visiting Committees and Accountability in the Irish Prison System: Some Proposals for Reform (Mary Rogan) p.298
  • Ireland’s Compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Towards a Rights-based Approach for Legal Reform? (Eilionóir Flynn) p.357
  • Protecting Young People from Themselves: Reform of Age of Consent Law in Ireland (Catherine O’Sullivan) p.386
  • Recent Issues in Refugee Family Reunification under Irish Law (Patricia Brazil) p.412
  • Fair Procedures, Local Authority Housing, the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights (Mark Coen) p.423
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