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Update of Irish International Law Resource

The Department of Foreign Affairs has recently updated its Documents on Irish Foreign Policy on-line resource. This resource has been developed in association with the Royal Irish Academy and the National Archive. The entire collection, which covers the period from 1919-1941, has been available in print since 1998, each book covering a number of years, but the addition of the on-line collection covering the period 1919-1932 will aid in research into this interesting period of Irish history as Ireland developed its place as an independent country in international relations.  The papers cover the negotiation of the Treaty, the Boundary Commission, the Imperial Conferences during the period, the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the League of Nations, the collapse of Weimar Germany, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, the development of the Irish policy of neutrality among many other topics.

This is a very interesting project that hopefully will continue with the publication of the rest of the documentation covering the Second World War. Hopefully this too will be made available with the rest of the collection  on-line soon.

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