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Student Law Reviews at TCD and UCC

The latest edition of the Cork Online Law Review is now available (free) here and features a number of interesting articles by undergraduate and postgraduate law students from Ireland and abroad. Articles likely to be of interest to our readers include:

The editors invite submissions for the 10th edition by December 12 2010. I should mention that two of us here at HRinI were on the first editorial board of  the Review while many more of us had our first publications in the journal. Although it is terrifying to think that COLR will be 10 years old in no time, it is wonderful to see that the publication has gone from strength to strength.

The latest edition of the Trinity College Law Review, dedicated to the memory of the late Gernot Biehler, was launched in February. Subscription information will be available on the website shortly and articles of interest include:

  • Lesbian Co-Parenting and Assisted Reproduction
  • I Can’t Get No Satisfaction : An Analysis of the Influence of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Repossession of Public Housing in Ireland
  • The Case for an Originalist Approach to Constitutional Interpretation in Ireland
  • Maximising Justice: Using Transitional Justice Mechanisms to Address Questions of Development in Nepal
  • Subsidiarity and Seanad Eireann
  • Informed Consent, Patient Autonomy and Causation: Competing Perspectives – The United States, Ireland and Germany
  • Roche v Roche: Some Guidance for Frozen Embryo Disputes
  • An Analysis of the Courts’ Interpretation of Article 40.1 in JD  v Residential Institutions Redress Committee

Student-run law reviews are thriving in Ireland at the moment. NUI Maynooth has established a new one while the next editions of the UCD Law Review (available on HeinOnline), the Hibernian Law Journal (Blackhall Place)  and the Irish Student Law Review (King’s Inns) are in the pipeline.

  1. vconway
    April 17, 2010 at 10:29 am

    COLR is not allowed be ten years old. Not allowed. A very interesting edition however.

    Also, I believe there are discussion in UL to revive it’s Law Review, or there were when I was there.

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