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From time to time we feature posts from guest contributors on the HRinI blog. On this page you can find an index of these contributions. We welcome guest posts on any topic of interest to the Irish human rights community from scholars and activists of all backgrounds. Our blog has a growing readership in Ireland, Europe and the US and is an excellent forum in which to promote your research or work in progress. To suggest a guest post, please email fiona.delondras[at] or maireadenright[at]

Fergal Landy on the Children’s Rights Referendum

Jo Kenny on Carson v United Kingdom

Illan Rua Wall on Radical Responses to the Right to Housing

Prof. Christine Bell on Bloody Sunday and Human Rights in Northern Ireland

Saoirse Brady on the Direct Provision System

Charles O’Mahony on Safeguarding People with Disabilities

Rachael Walsh on Compulsory Acqusition for Private Development

Cian Muprhy on Criminal Justice Co-Operation in the EU

Cian Murphy on Terrorism Sanctions in the EU

Diarmuid Griffin on Restorative Justice

Fergal Davis on Non-Jury Trial

Tom Hickey on Religious Patronage of Irish Primary Schools and Republicanism

Brid nic Suibhne on the Adoption Bill 2009

Suzanne Egan on a Charter of Rights for the Island of Ireland

Kieran Walsh on Murphy and Inter-Agency Co-Operation

Rossa McMahon on Gangland Law: Crime-Fighting Tool or Gimmick?

Samantha Arnold (IRC) on An Invisible Group: Sexual Minority Asylum Seekers in Ireland

Ruth Evans (ICI) on Probing the Citizenship Regime

Andrew Hayward on Cohabitation in England and Wales: Learning from Ireland?

Deirdre Duffy on Gordan Brown’s Mixed Bag of Moral Contradictions

Roderic O’Gorman on Workers’ Rights and the Lisbon Treaty

Jillian van Turnhout on Budget 2010: The Rights of the Child

Deirdre Duffy on Budget 2010: Targetting the Lost Generation

Danielle Kennan & Fergal Landy on Budget 2010: Children’s Rights

Eilionoir Flynn on Budget 2010: The Rights of People with Disabilities

Elaine Dewhurst on Budget 2010: The Right to Work in Ireland

Paul Daly on Carmody v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform

Noeline Blackwell on Carmody v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform

Jo Kenny (PILA) on Belonging to Irish society in a Social Welfare Context

Darren O’Donovan on Travellers and the Irish Politics of Belonging

Ronit Lentin on Anti-Racism and Lived Experience

Deirdre Duffy on Legitimate Victims, Illegitimate Agents

Saoirse Brady (FLAC) on Social Welfare and the Protection Regime

Elaine Dewhurst on Irregular Migration in Ireland

Agnieszka Martynowicz (IPRT) on Hidden Borders and Operation Gull

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