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Guest Contribution: O’Mahony on Safeguarding People with Disabilities

March 9, 2010 2 comments

We are delighted to welcome this guest contribution from Charles O’Mahony of the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUI Galway. This is cross posted from the Disability Law News blog. You can find out more about Charles on the guest contributors page.

Safeguarding Persons with Disability from Abuse and Exploitation

There is a growing awareness around abuse perpetrated against vulnerable groups in our society.  In particular, elder abuse and child abuse now seem to be firmly ingrained in public consciousness and in the consciousness of policy makers and legislators.  However, as we saw this week with the discussion and debate around the publication of the Report into the death of Tracey Fay problems remain in the provision of adequate protection and in the investigation and reporting of the states failings.  To see a blog post on this click here.

There is a feeling that the issue of abuse of persons with disabilities has not evolved to the same level of consciousness surrounding child and elder abuse.  For example, last month it was reported that more than 500 official complaints (approx three a week) over the past two and a half years have been made regarding abuse and mistreatment of persons with disabilities in residential settings.  To see a blog post on this click here.  The reaction to the report in the Irish Times was not on the scale that one might have expected (or hoped) and the level of debate not as insightful.  Following the report there was no perception of urgency in introducing mandatory standards and independent inspections of these services. Read more…

Call for Papers: Global Ph.D/Post-Doctoral and Post Graduate Researchers Colloquium on Disability Law and Policy

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

A consortium of three leading national and international academic centers will host an inaugural colloquium for PhD candidates and post-doctoral/post-graduate researchers on disability law and policy.  The three centers are:

–          The Centre for Disability Law and Policy (National University of Ireland, Galway)

–          The Burton Blatt Institute (, Syracuse University)

–          The Richard Crossman Chair of Social Welfare & Social Planning, University of Haifa (Israel).

The Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUI, Galway, will host the initial colloquium from 26-27 April 2010.  It will rotate to the other centers thereafter.

Research on disability law and policy reform has never been more urgent given the imperative of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This two-day event will play a significant part in bringing together an emerging community of scholars in the disability field whose ideas will shape the reform agenda for years to come.

The consortium accordingly invites submissions for consideration from PhD candidates and post-doctoral/post-graduate researchers (including JDs) from around the world for papers for the two-day colloquium.  The focus will be on law and public policy challenges and opportunities in implementing the new UN convention.  It is likely selected papers will be published in an edited volume or special journal issue.

Depending on the response to the call for papers, the colloquium may include, but not be limited to, the following subject areas:

  • Implementation strategies for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and ties to state law,
  • Regional law reform and policy challenges in the field of disability (e.g. Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe),
  • Law reform options with respect to legal capacity law,
  • Legislative, regulatory and policy options to achieve in areas such as:
  1. Independent Living
  2. Economic Independence
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Social and Civic Participation
  5. Stigma and Discrimination
  • Development aid and disability – international co-operation,
  • Providing an effective legal and policy basis for inclusive education,
  • The information revolution and disability – achieving eAccessibility,
  • The built environment – access and universal design,
  • Assistive technology developments, research, and markets,
  • Employment and disability – the use/limits of non-discrimination and other social policy tools,
  • Immigration and asylum law and policy issues,
  • The mental health field and the disability field – continuities and discontinuities,
  • Issues facing war veterans with disabilities and their families.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 31 January 2010.   Abstracts should be included in the application form below and emailed to

For further information, please see the contact details below.  If you have any specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact the Event Office.