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UK backs IRA victims’ Libya claims

September 7, 2009 1 comment

IRAIn the aftermath of the Megrahi contretemps in the UK which at present shows little sign of abating, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been forced to row back from his earlier refusnik position by offering “dedicated Foreign Office support” to the families of victims of IRA bombings whose campaign for compensation from Libya has been given an unexpected fillip by the controversy. The IRA’s relationship with President Gaddaffi first became apparent in March 1973 when the Irish navy boarded The Claudia off the Waterford coast and found five tonnes of weaponry supplied by the Libyan government. Semtex supplied by Libya became the IRA’s useful weapon is attacks such as the Enniskillen bomb in 1987 which killed 11, the Ballygawley bus bombing in 1988 which killed eight soldiers, the mortar attack at Downing Street in 1991 when the IRA tried to wipe out John Major’s Cabinet, the Warrington bombing and about 250 other booby-trap bombings.

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