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Guest Contribution: Harvey on a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland

March 1, 2010 1 comment

Today marks what was to be the closing date for the NIO Consultation on the Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. The NIO has extended the closing date to March 31 2010, but we nonetheless take this opportunity to bring you this guest contribution from Professor Colin Harvey of Queen’s University Belfast and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. You can find out more about Professor Harvey on our Guest Contributors page. Please note that the post is the text of a speech delivered at King’s College London last Monday 22 February 2010 and is being contributed by Professor Harvey in a personal capacity.

Achieving Our Bill of Rights?


Good evening everyone. I am pleased to have this opportunity to talk to you about the Bill of Rights process in Northern Ireland, and discuss possible next steps. I would like to thank Professor Aileen McColgan and the School of Law at King’s for making this event possible, and Maggie Beirne for chairing the session. The Bill of Rights process has reached a significant moment. The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) is currently consulting on its response to the Human Rights Commission’s final advice. This evening I would like (in a personal capacity only) to sketch the context for the debate, say something about the process, note substantive aspects of the Commission’s advice, and then reflect on where we go from here. Read more…

A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland

February 9, 2010 4 comments

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission delivered its final report to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on 10 December 2008. In the last issue of the European Human Rights Law Review in 2009, Colin Harvey and David Russell offer their thoughts on the report and the consultation process that produced it (Harvey & Russell ‘A new beginning for human rights protection in Northern Ireland?’ [2009] EHRLRev 748). The (relatively brief) article is not a detailed critique (nor could it be – as one of the authors is a co-author of the report) nor a mere summary. Rather, it sits somewhere in between as a sort of Cliff’s Notes for those who need to catch up on the debate (making this blog post a Cliff’s Notes of Cliff’s Notes, á la John Crace’s Digested Read Digested). Read more…

NIHRC Launches Report

September 10, 2009 Leave a comment

NIHRC LogoThe Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) has recently published a new report entitled No Home from Home: Homelessness for People with No or Limited Access to Public Funds. The authors, Roisin Devlin and Sorcha McKenna, conducted an investigation into homelessness amongst migrants, who are not entitled to access public funds. The lengthy report makes a number of recommendations and findings which suggest that current practice may violate international and human rights standards.

I will post a commentary of this report on the blog in the coming weeks.