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Job Opportunity: Ordinary Judge of the Supreme Court

October 19, 2009 2 comments
Mr. Justice Clarke

The Irish Times reports today that the Judicial Appointments Advisory Board has advertised for applicants for the position of Supreme Court judge. Readers who feel like they might be in with a shot can find the advertisement here. The position is vacant as a result of the nomination of Supreme Court judge Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns as President of the High Court to replace Mr Justice Richard Johnson, who is retiring. Foreign readers may be disappointed to read that we do not go in for confirmation hearings in Ireland.  The appointments process, which aims for a degree of independence from party politics, is detailed here.

Among those qualified for appointment to the Supreme Court are judges of the High Court and of the Circuit Court of no fewer than two years standing, judges of various European and international courts on which Irish judges sit, and barristers or solicitors of not fewer than 12 years standing. The Irish Times reports that the leading contenders for appointment   to the Supreme Court on this occasion are High Court judges  Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill (top left) and Mr Justice Frank Clarke (bottom left). They share the distinction of having chaired the Lisbon Referendum Commissions; O’Neill for Lisbon 1 and Clarke for Lisbon 2. Both were tipped earlier this month for the position of President of the High Court, which has gone to Mr. Justice Kearns. The Irish Times then speculated that Mr. Justice Clarke might be due a reward for his effective chairmanship of the Commission. The Irish Independent’s favourites are the former Attorney General Rory Brady SC (above right) and Donal O’Donnell SC.

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