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Blawg Review #239

November 23, 2009 9 comments

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‘Main of the Match: Appalling Conflations and Tenuous Links As An Island Recovers From A Close Brush With Injustice…

Today HRinI is pleased to host this week’s Blawg Review, following in the footsteps of previous Irish hosts Daithí Mac Síthigh and Eoin O’Dell. Blawg Review presents a selection of the best of the past week’s blogging on legal issues.

The post which follows falls far short of what Marco Giloarmi called for on Wednesday when he outlined his conception of a Republic of Legal Letters. But, these are difficult times for Ireland, and the wonder is really that I can bring myself to blog at all. While the legal blogosphere has mostly been excited about Google Scholar’s new law search functionality, the Irish have had altogether more important things to worry about. The nation as Tom Humphries has it in the Irish Times, stands in ‘a cold and deep puddle of reality‘ (for much of the country, all too literally ) after a bruising encounter with France in the World Cup playoffs, reported by MSNBC here under the fabulous headline ‘Oui were robbed‘. Thierry, how could you? (Twitter yields up such gems as ‘If I even SEE a croissant tomorrow…‘ and our readers from abroad can measure the national mood by its tried and tested barometer Liveline – here and here). Kevin Jon Heller discusses the matter with the respect it deserves here on the venerable Opinio Juris. The debacle has been treated as a priority by our political leaders. It was raised in the Dáil on Thursday morning, the Taoiseach discussed it with President Sarkozy, (who was unmoved – perhaps the Taoiseach should have brushed up on his bargaining skills at Negotiation Board) and the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform has demanded a rematch.

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