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UK General Election: Alternative Manifestos

Liam and Cian have already summarised the election manifestos of the main(land) political parties (Lab., Lib. and Tory) in the forthcoming UK General Election. A number of NGOs and civil society organisations have already published their own manifestos as well as instructive responses to the party pledges. Here are some of the most interesting from a human rights perspective:

  • Amnesty International (UK) has produced a series of election briefings on Women’s Rights, Security and Human Rights, the Human Rights Framework, Poverty and Human Rights and the Asylum System. All are available here.
  • The Law Society’s Manifesto is here.
  • The Manifesto for Justice (AdviceUK, the Bar Council, the Institute of Legal Executives, JUSTICE, the Law Centres Federation, the Legal Action Group, the Legal Aid Practitioners’ Group and Liberty) is here

  • Save the Children’s Manifesto ‘Poverty Kills Childhood’ is here
  • UNICEF’s (UK) Manifesto for Children is here
  • The National Housing Federation Manifesto ‘The Tools for Success’ is here
  • The Gay UK News carries the Stonewall responses to the Liberal and Labour Manifestos here and here.
  • The Fawcett Society has asked the main political parties a series of questions about their policies on women here and you can find their answers here.
  • Christian Aid’s Manifesto is here
  • Liberty and the Refugee Councils are calling on MPs and Parliamentary candidates to sign an Asylum Election pledge here.
  • The International Development Vote Global Manifesto is here.
  • Unlock Democracy’s Manifesto is here.
  • The British Humanist Association’s Manifesto is here.
  • The Homeless Link Manifesto is here.
  • The Gingerbread (single parents) Manifesto is here
  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists Manifesto is here.
  • The University and College Union’s Manifesto ‘Make Education Count’ is here.
  • The Pirate Party (intellectual property) Manifesto is here.

Please feel free to draw our attention to other such documents in the comments and we’ll update this post accordingly.

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